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You built a great dental practice.
Are you ready to walk away?

Or do you just want to “take some chips off the table?” Maybe you’re ready to hand off the headaches to someone else and just focus on doing clinical dentistry?

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You built a great dental practice.
You have options.

And one of those options is to choose a Broker that won’t take 10% of the proceeds from the sale of your business.

Choose TUSK.

We’ve valued and sold over 100 specialty and general dental practices in our decades in the industry.

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Determining Your Options:

We know from our industry experience that dentists want to sell their practice with the following possible outcomes:

Walk away

Sell to a solo purchaser and exit the practice in a short period

Structured Buyout

The transition happens over several years with the buyer purchasing an increasing amount of the total ownership of the business until they reach 100%

Solo Transition

Sell to a solo purchaser and work through some defined period to hand off the practice to the new owner

Group/DSO Transition

Sell to a group or DSO with cash at close, a multi-year earn-out and an extended employment contract for the seller to stay on in a clinical role (a good option for the seller who is tired of management headaches, but would like to continue to practice clinical dentistry).

The TUSK "Marketed Sales Process"

Step 1: Valuation

We analyze all financial and operational aspects of the business to determine an accurate valuation range based on Adjusted EBITDA and market comparables, then build a 10+ page pitch book that tells the story, how we arrived at the sale number, and what the upside potential might be for the acquirer.

Step 2: Promotion

We send out a one-page snapshot to our network of buyers to solicit interest, then have the qualified buyers execute non-disclosure agreements (“NDAs”) to learn the details in the pitch book.

Step 3: Due Diligence

We receive Letters of Intent (“LOIs”) from qualified buyers, then assist them through their due diligence process.

Step 4: Negotiation

We solicit offers from interested buyers and negotiate the details of the structure of the transaction for our seller.

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Beautiful images. Informational graphs. Comprehensive data.

All come together to create a better experience for both buyers and sellers.

Save on Commissions

We believe in using the most modern technology
to provide the highest level of service for our clients
at a substantial savings in commission.

Practice Sale Amount:



Traditional Brokerage Commission

Savings When Selling with TUSK

You built a great dental practice.

Don’t overpay a broker to undervalue your life’s work.

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